Planning Your Stagette Boudoir Experience

Money? Final images?

Yeah, that’s right. I know what you want.

It’s $250 per person without hair and makeup, and approximately $350-400 per person with hair and makeup – each person can decide whether they want the service or not. Every person needs at least 30 minutes for their own session. That gives everyone 20-30 minutes and 45 minutes for the bride, which typically results in 15-30 finished final images per person and a few extras for the bride as well. I will usually also take a sexy group shot – and sometimes a normal group shot, too! Everyone can have a copy of those.

Do we host? Do you?

Many stagettes have access to a hotel suite or two hotel rooms connected by a door. Those situations are great for stagettes, but please be aware that only more modern, typically more expensive hotels make a really good backdrop for photos.

The Modern Studio is definitely a good choice for Stagettes with a larger number of ladies or entertainment. Our Intimate Studio is great for 3-7 ladies, but doesn’t have as much privacy for the gal we’re working with – though that can be fun, too! If they are booked, sometimes I can find us other options as well.

What if someone says it “isn’t their thing” can they still come to the party?

Yes – it’s your party! Obviously, we hope everyone can come, and if you talk them into it the day of after a few glasses of wine and they change their mind and want in, we can probably still take a few pictures without any lingerie…

How few is too few?

We start our bachelorette parties at 3 people.

How far in advance do we have to book?

Thursday or Friday evenings are a little less urgent than weekends – Saturdays and Sundays tend to fill up fast around here, but whatever your date is, we can look into some options. However if it’s during June-September, I would have to ask that you book a Friday or Sunday, since I shoot weddings as well and still book quite a few over wedding season. Booking as far in advance as possible for any of those dates is probably a good plan!

Are hair and makeup included?

No, a lot of ladies like to do their own and we’re trying to keep it affordable. If you want to go all out, however, we have some partners who can make it happen on-site. The cost is typically around $100 per person.

Can we drink the bubbly? Have our cake and eat it too?

Yes, you can eat food and drink alcohol at our studios. If you bring your own and it’s a private party, you don’t need a liquor license. If you have it catered, you do. Please give us a hand and put the garbage where it goes, and we’ll be very thankful.

Can we get some entertainment?

Yes, you can! Our Modern Studio has a full lobby room that’s perfect for that. We’ve got friends over at Butlers in the Buff and Edmonton Henna Tattoos you should definitely check out – here’s a list of all our Partners.

Can our images stay private?

We have multiple levels of privacy. We ask that group photos be under our Name Protection/Full Disclosure package, however, individuals can choose their own level of disclosure as though they’d booked with us individually. Everyone will get a model release.