Blackbird Singing

Amy, an engaged Bride-to-be, met me at a bridal show.  She was very understanding when I was late for her session because I found a couple of escaped dogs on the road and returned them to their owners on my way over! Amy was very excited for our session at her apartment – but also very nervous. People show their nervousness in different ways, and for her, it was in her hands, and as the session went on I could tell that her nervousness was fading away.

Amy was gracious enough to let me use this image of her, highlighting her gorgeous blackbird tattoo.

Bridal Boudoir is a very unique gift for a groom, and it is becoming a popular choice for the traditional wedding day gift. All the women I’ve worked with who have chosen boudoir as their gift have been really happy with the results, so if you’re considering it, please let me know!

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