Roses for My Anniversary – Theo’s Dudoir

How’d you like to be married to a perfect gentleman with abs of steel? One lucky lady is married to this fabulous gentleman, and on my suggestion that he bring home some roses which had.. er.. been useful earlier that day, he was totally up for it. This is a great example of a classic romantic dudoir session – of course, ladies, if your partner is into wonderful-smelling romantic flowers too, or the idea of those flowers all over you, you might want to give this a shot in your own session!

Theo was a quiet and thoughtful guy… with a piercing gaze and impeccable abs. Did I mention the abs? Just dreamy. His session was¬†relaxed and we both enjoyed a quiet time with no music or distractions while I worked with him. I should also note that the anniversary was well into the double digits, and this guy was rocking salt-and-pepper hair as well as a great body – a true testament to taking good care of himself and his gym equipment – the hard work does pay off, guys.

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