Sexy And I Know It

Every time a gentleman calls me about getting a dudoir session, I get excited! I love it when guys are looking to use dudoir to help them regain self-confidence. Graeme, not his real name of course, had just gone through some really tough times, and wanted to do dudoir in part to help him feel sensual again for himself. I think it’s really brave for men to do something like that, to allow me to look into their world when they’re struggling with their self-concept and give them a piece of my mind – in a totally different way than you usually interact with a stranger.

My man Graeme chose our “Faceless Man” option, so unfortunately I can’t show you those sexy, daring eyes, or that full-out laughter, but he had a totally fantastic time at the session and the photos show that. It was a blast working with him. As you can see, Graeme’s body is not necessarily model material, but because that’s not what dudoir is about, it doesn’t matter. He’s exactly the kind of man I think can benefit most from a session like this.

Graeme may not have entered the session feeling all that great about himself, but once the photos came back he was thrilled. He’s sexy, and now he knows it.


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