Jean’s Boudoir

Working with Jean was a great pleasure! In her case, working in her lovely home with the cute inscription, “Always kiss me goodnight” on her wall, it was a comfortable and sweet time to laugh and enjoy each other’s company while I worked. In a unique and quite fun twist of events, her husband was in their home helping to care for their young sons, and he was a part of our consultation, and was open with me about the things he found most attractive about his wife – among them, her ears. “I just think her ears are super cute!” he told me. So I made sure to highlight them in a few photos just for him! Most people like to do their boudoir as a surprise, but remember that it can also be a collaborative event, a way of creating something even more personal. Remember that though I do have studio space available, I am also an expert at working inside your home for a more comfortable experience.

Edmonton Boudoir Photographers

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