Betty: 1950’s Housewife Plus-Size Pinup

It’s always exciting to work with someone on pinup photographs, and never more when their personal sense of style is already like a puzzle piece straight from the 1950s. This lovely plus-size girl wanted to fulfill her long-distance boyfriend’s desire to see her as “his pretty little housewife” so we explored a few fantastic pin-up ideas.

How much do you know about the history of pinup? The pin-up girl is the epitome of the idea that started boudoir photography in the first place! Sexy photos that show off how risque you can be without being totally on display are a big part of the history of my style of photography boudoir. A pin-up girl is flirtatious, but still totally the everyday girl-next-door!

A few features of the well-drawn pinup girl that still work for photographs today include very pronounced curves – making her the ideal choice for ladies that have voluptuous assets. A pinup girl is always dressed in something very fancy or sometimes just that old birthday suit! They are often posed to show off as much skin as possible, and sometimes in more extreme (and more than a little suggestive) poses which aren’t necessarily ideal or even possible for the real woman. When working with a girl for a pin-up session, I take a lot of care to pose her carefully, catch the shot, and then allow her out of that pose as quickly as possible if it’s not comfortable!

Hair and Makeup for a pinup shoot give you lots of options – but very carefully shaped knock-your-socks-off coloured lips are always necessary. If you like Marilyn Monroe style, you might consider adopting a dark mole! As for your hair, everything from fancy updos to flowing locks to bandanas will make your 50’s pinup look work well. Make sure your cheeks are rosy and your lashes are thick – all the better for looking out at your big bust-em-up gentleman, right?

Pinup girls are always enjoying something fabulous – a fur coat, a vintage glass of Coca-Cola, a flirtatious look, or even something more everyday like vacumming the living room in her underwear… a fantasy only a man would have, right ladies? In real life, it’s yoga pants and a big t-shirt for that!

Pinup girls are a great way to explore a sexy side of ourselves – and they work for nearly every age, shape, and style. I’m always happy to explore vintage pinup styles in my sessions, alongside a few more modern sensual photos.

I would be totally pumped if you’d get your Pinup boudoir shoot in Edmonton with Seven Deadly Sins!

These images were taken at our Intimate studio. This lovely lady’s identity has been protected for this shoot – so you’ll see a few photos with a pinup girl’s head pasted over hers…

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