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Time To

Reveal Yourself

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Nice Package

No Price Hunting!

We just want you to know…



No holds barred, all-in package at $777+GST

  • Includes phone/in-person consultation
  • 2 Hours of photography
  • Virtually Unlimited Lingerie Outfits, or sheets and props
  • Include some Glamour/Hunk Portraits
  • Go for a Creative/Themed Session
  • Secure Digital Download Gallery
  • 100+ finished, edited Hi-Res images
  • 20 Photo 5×7 “Little Black Book”
  • Engraved Crystal USB Key
  • Suitable for women or men
  • Always Includes Studio Rental
  • NOTE: Does not include hair/makeup, but we can get you hooked up

I want more information about this package!



Our most popular package, both feminine and masculine at $666+GST

  • Includes phone/in-person consultation
  • 90 Minutes of photography
  • 3+ Lingerie Outfits, or just go with “Sheets and Props
  • Secure Digital Download Gallery – 50-75 finished, edited Hi-Res images
  • 2 Accordion MiniBooks OR a glorious 20 Photo 5×7 “Little Black Book”
  • Suitable for women or men
  • Always Includes Studio Rental
  • NOTE: Does not include hair/makeup, but we can get you hooked up

I want more information about this package!



Our most popular gift-giving choice at $444+GST

  • Includes a phone or email consultation
  • 45 minutes of photography
  • 2-3 Lingerie Outfits, or just go with “Sheets and Props
  • Secure Digital Download Gallery
  • 30-50 finished, edited Hi-Res images
  • Suitable for women or men
  • Includes Studio Rental, if requested
  • NOTE: Does not include hair/makeup, but we can hook you up

I want more information about this package!



A little time, a little cash at $333+GST

  • Includes a phone or email consultation
  • 15-20 minutes of photography
  • A single Lingerie Outfit or just go with “Sheets and Props
  • Secure Digital Download Gallery
  • Up to 10 finished, edited Hi-Res images
  • Suitable for women or men
  • NOTE: Does not include hair/makeup OR Studio Rental, those are a la carte, but we can hook you up




Get a little steamy with your partner!



Romance that lasts forever in a photograph

  •  Includes phone/in-person consultation
  • 2 Hours of photography
  • 2-3 Outfits/Moods
  • Focus on romance, sensuality, intimacy
  • Secure Digital Download Gallery- 100+ finished, edited Hi-Res images
  • 20 Photo 5×7 “Little Black Book” OR Shiny Metal “In The Closet” Print
  • Engraved Crystal USB Key
  • Suitable for all couples and genders
  • Includes Private Studio Rental
  • NOTE: Does not include hair/makeup

I want more information about this package!


Get the girls together!



Celebrate your sexy side!

The party host and her friends get individual boudoir portrait shots – a few poses or outfits per person!

You can choose whether to save seeing the photos and the outfits until after the party or cheer each other on during the session. Every person gets 20-30 minutes of photography for $222+GST each, or ask us to include the guest-of-honour in everyone else’s fee so hers is free.

Hair and makeup are not included but can be added at a cost of $100-125 per person.

Choose one of our two private studio spaces or a hotel suite – you can have food and drink (and entertainment) in our lobby areas!

We host these regularly and get RAVE reviews about how fun and body-positive they are!


We’re SO in for birthdays, too.

It’s going to be unforgettable. I mean, literally, you’ll have the photos.

Get the gang together – this is the most fun you may ever have as a group. Great for close friends or a party of strangers you’d like to become friends.

Want to know what to budget and how long it will take? Check out the calculator.

Our Rental Studios Are Amazing!

No really, you should check them out.



We’re an all-sizes,
all-ages studio

Boudoir isn’t just  for
skinny young things.
(But we’d love to work
with you guys, too.)

Get some real body confidence
Boudoir photography is not just about the sexy side of things, it’s about you being you and that’s what makes it so powerful. Celebrate your identity with us, no matter who you are.

We’re passionate about plus sizes. We understand eating disorders and weight loss battles.
We care about your body and about making it look good – no photoshop required.
At Seven Deadly Sins, there is no drastic photoshopping.
We don’t use the evil liquefying tool to maim your beautiful body.
It’s all you and the camera.

The Gents are Welcome

Boudoir isn’t just for the ladies.

Your partner is going to love this.
Nothing like some good old-fashioned photos to get the engine revving.
Enjoy a private studio with a bantering female photographer who can take your style
and personality and run with it – and give your partner something to smile about.

Not into Lingerie?

No problem.

You can bring normal clothing, and we’ll use poses,
sheets, props, and more to make an amazing session.
You don’t have to run out and buy lingerie you’ll never wear again for this shoot. You don’t need it.
We don’t provide a wardrobe because we believe you look best
in the skin you’re in – and the clothes you love.



Feeling Lost?

We’ll coach you through it.

You’re going to forget that
you’re in your underwear.

Don’t worry about a thing – feel pampered and comfortable despite being in your undies,
and I’ll tell you what to do and how to do it when I feel you need directions,
demonstrating what I need.
I promise I will ask if it’s okay before I touch you in any way, and if I do it will be
purely professional – to adjust a bra strap, or a crooked piece of lace.

If you have ideas let me know!




You wanted your photos, right?

All our sessions come with hi-res edits.  

Because it’s your body.
Our contracts have options for various levels of privacy as well, but most clients choose full photo disclosure, because this really isn’t dangerous, and your real name doesn’t have to be attached.


Hair and Makeup are NOT Included


Because we’re trying to keep it affordable


Really want to splurge on your session?
We can recommend some GREAT people. Just get in touch!
Otherwise, doing your own or getting a friend to help is totally great.
You’re going to look amazing either way.

Okay, I am ready. Hook me up.

Pillow Fight Time!

A few weeks ago I booked a stagette boudoir party on my birthday. On purpose. Because I swear to you, I will never work harder while simultaneously having the time of my life!

I’ve shot quite a few stagettes over the past few years, and a good many of them weren’t okay with me using any of their photos, but I did get special permission to share this riotously fun pillowfight we had.

What’s a stagette boudoir party like?

So if you’re coming as a guest, you have a choice about whether you want to shoot with me. I’ve had a few people who were on the fence do it last minute – you have right until the end before I pack up to do it, but if you’re nervous you’ll have WAY more fun at the party if you let your friends volunteer you to go first! Sometimes the ladies have a hair and makeup artist brought in – I can always recommend someone awesome. When the artists are done with your lovely self, you can come into the room with me, the photographer, and we’ll do a mini-consult with your lingerie or ideas about the session. Then I get started – and you’ll forget you’re in your underwear, guaranteed! Finally, I challenge you to walk out like a boss in your undies – and 99% of the time, you will! (Crazy, right?) You’ll get tons of encouragement from the ladies you’re with, they’re probably just as nervous.

It’s totally an epic fun time. I’ve never had anyone say they didn’t have fun, even ladies who weren’t getting their photos done. It’s a safe space to let out your sexy side and enjoy!

De-Girlifying The Studio for Dudoir

Most boudoir studios are pretty much 100% geared to the feminine. Men, if you’re reading this, I kid you not, there’s lampshades covered in feathers, pillows covered in lace, and all manner of seriously girly stuff in most boudoir studios. But that does not mean that we can’t make them masculine with a little bit of work on my part.

Whenever I am shooting a session with a man, I go through the studio and de-girlify it. What that means is that I take out the frills and the bows and the lace and the flowers and the feathers, and I make sure there’s a few manly chic decorations around instead. I took some photos of the finished effect of the studio – not before and after – you can see the before version in pretty much every photo on my website, you already know!

The masculine look is plain, but not barren – typically with black, white, and grey colour schemes, though I have often added blue, yellow, or maroon colour accents as well. If you have a preference for a more colourful look, or if you like more stark black and white photos, let me know before your session day and I can make the studio space fit our needs.

Couples, if you’re reading this, I would also tend towards a more white-on-white or black-on-black look to the “set” we’ll work on together – and ladies, if you’re not about the frills either, let me know in advance and I can make the studio suit your personality a little more!

Here’s a couple of photos from the Intimate and Modern studios that show you what can be done to take it back to the basics with a little bit of style.

Betty: 1950’s Housewife Plus-Size Pinup

It’s always exciting to work with someone on pinup photographs, and never more when their personal sense of style is already like a puzzle piece straight from the 1950s. This lovely plus-size girl wanted to fulfill her long-distance boyfriend’s desire to see her as “his pretty little housewife” so we explored a few fantastic pin-up ideas.

How much do you know about the history of pinup? The pin-up girl is the epitome of the idea that started boudoir photography in the first place! Sexy photos that show off how risque you can be without being totally on display are a big part of the history of my style of photography boudoir. A pin-up girl is flirtatious, but still totally the everyday girl-next-door!

A few features of the well-drawn pinup girl that still work for photographs today include very pronounced curves – making her the ideal choice for ladies that have voluptuous assets. A pinup girl is always dressed in something very fancy or sometimes just that old birthday suit! They are often posed to show off as much skin as possible, and sometimes in more extreme (and more than a little suggestive) poses which aren’t necessarily ideal or even possible for the real woman. When working with a girl for a pin-up session, I take a lot of care to pose her carefully, catch the shot, and then allow her out of that pose as quickly as possible if it’s not comfortable!

Hair and Makeup for a pinup shoot give you lots of options – but very carefully shaped knock-your-socks-off coloured lips are always necessary. If you like Marilyn Monroe style, you might consider adopting a dark mole! As for your hair, everything from fancy updos to flowing locks to bandanas will make your 50’s pinup look work well. Make sure your cheeks are rosy and your lashes are thick – all the better for looking out at your big bust-em-up gentleman, right?

Pinup girls are always enjoying something fabulous – a fur coat, a vintage glass of Coca-Cola, a flirtatious look, or even something more everyday like vacumming the living room in her underwear… a fantasy only a man would have, right ladies? In real life, it’s yoga pants and a big t-shirt for that!

Pinup girls are a great way to explore a sexy side of ourselves – and they work for nearly every age, shape, and style. I’m always happy to explore vintage pinup styles in my sessions, alongside a few more modern sensual photos.

I would be totally pumped if you’d get your Pinup boudoir shoot in Edmonton with Seven Deadly Sins!

These images were taken at our Intimate studio. This lovely lady’s identity has been protected for this shoot – so you’ll see a few photos with a pinup girl’s head pasted over hers…

Admire Studios - Betty - 1950s Pinup Boudoir - 1

Picture 1 of 5

CTV News On Your Street – Ben’s Dudoir

When I began doing boudoir and dudoir photography about 5 years ago, it was really special. I was always aware that what I did when I was shooting in this genre meant something to the people I worked with, in a different way than when I was shooting weddings, new babies, and families. All good professional photography is meaningful and personal. (Even if you’re shooting corporate gigs, you’re still working with people and for people, so it’s personal.) But the genre of boudoir has captured my heart, and while over the years my love of photography in general has waxed and waned, as it does for anyone working in a field for a long time, I’ve always felt that boudoir was special, and that the work I did with people really mattered.

When Dez Melenka from CTV News Edmonton’s On Your Street contacted me for a serious story she wanted to run on dudoir and male body image, it made my day, and it made my day again when she said we were for sure going ahead with it. I’m so pleased to be able to bring more of a spotlight to the area of body image issues for both women and men, and to talk specifically about the higher pressures that men are under these days. From the term “metrosexual” to Channing Tatum’s lady-pleaser movies to Buzzfeed’s recent video where the Try Guys work with a style consultant, there’s a definite undercurrent of society telling men as well as women that their appearance is just not good enough. In a GQ study, 75% of men surveyed said that compared to 10 years ago, men today are under more pressure to care about their appearance.

Ben, one of the organizers of Edmonton’s chapter of the men’s group, The Remarkable Man project, decided to give dudoir a go and get outside his comfort zone. He told me that while one of the reasons he’s doing this is to give his wife some nice sexy photos, there was another reason: “I believe in what you’re doing here, and I wanted to support you.” While many of my clients say things that give me the warm fuzzies, that hit home in a deeper way. It’s amazing to have someone believe in you, isn’t it!

I have to say that while I have had challenges over the years, shooting a dudoir session while being filmed is up there with the best of them. Sometimes photographers talk about being “on the other side of the lens” but this was both sides simultaneously, and that doesn’t happen often! It did feel a bit like an artistic collaboration, though, so that was a neat aspect of the experience.

My friend Tammy who runs The Photographer Studio, which is shared studio space in two studios for photographers where I do a lot of my work in Edmonton was able to accomodate us coming in last minute for the session the next morning.

Ben is a bright and eloquent man, who shared honestly about the things he likes and hates about his body, and things he’s always felt self-conscious about. It’s refreshing, every time I have a session, that people find it easy to be so real with me. Ben said I was very friendly and warm and he felt comfortable with me, which I strive for every session – whether I’m working with a man or a woman. He also said that like all the other men I’ve worked with, he’d have been more nervous working with a male photographer – interestingly, from what I’ve heard, both genders typically prefer the female eye.

Here’s some of the eye candy we created together!

Edmonton-Photographer-Storyboard_0000 Edmonton-Photographer-Storyboard_0001 Edmonton-Photographer-Storyboard_0002 Edmonton-Photographer-Storyboard_0003


Nobody is Naturally Ugly

It occurred to me the other day that in all my time as I photographer, I still haven’t met a single person who is naturally ugly. There are people who conform or don’t conform to our cultural beauty standards. There are a few people I’ve seen with awful disfigurements – and if I stare long and hard at them I still can’t make them ugly in my eyes. There’s always something beautiful and redeeming about their bodies that makes me conclude that they are beautiful in the balance of it all. And even people whose faces naturally look a bit frowny or odd are transformed when they smile. I think the worst I can say about some people’s faces or bodies is that parts of them may be unpleasant. Sometimes just odd or more interesting than beautiful. But not ugly.

Something that happens to me probably once or twice a month is that I see a woman who probably doesn’t think much of herself – and I’m always guessing at that by how she carries herself or if she’s wearing something baggy and it doesn’t look like it’s just because she wants to be comfortable. I look at that woman and I have a moment of true appreciation of the human form and I think, “She probably doesn’t realize that she’s beautiful!” And I wish I could tell her, but I’m afraid that people will think I’m a super creepy person or something if I say things like that, no matter how well meaning they are. I’ve only managed to actually say it twice, and I got slightly strange looks each time. Sometimes I merely compliment them on their choice of earrings or handbag to be able to say something that might improve their day, though I can’t say with the depth of feeling I have how beautiful they look to me. And due to societal constraints I can pretty much never consider saying it to a man without it being seen as some sort of come-on. I see a lot of beauty in men, too. Men’s hands, for instance, are often beautiful or special in some way. They often show a lot about who the man is, or who he’s chosen to be.

Nearly always, during photo sessions and especially boudoir sessions, I feel that spike of beauty recognition for a moment, and later I see it in a photo again. Sometimes those are photos that the person doesn’t like. They will tell me, “My arm looks fat,” or “I have big teeth.” Or some such non-sense.

There are some photographers who see real beauty, and others who see possible beauty with some help, and others who see something a little deeper – beauty that shines out from beneath the surface and shows on the surface too. I’ve been privileged to meet some photographers and people who see that way, and I am continuing to develop that side of myself.

Every woman I have ever worked with as a family, wedding, and boudoir photographer has been beautiful. Every single Mom, every single little girl, every single teenager. Some people’s eyes are so stunning they take your breath away. Some people have gorgeous dimples. Some people have incredible bodies with amazing hips or cute butts. And gents, I’m not leaving you out either – but if I were to say I was looking at your butt I might scare some people away from family sessions – even though the truth is that I look at all of you, and I evaluate you all to find your assets. And everyone has some amazing assets, and never just one.

So what is ugly in this world, if not us? Is there a size by itself that is ugly? No. Fat is not ugly – there are many beautiful people – and I do mean beautiful on the outside – that are much larger than the status quo. Is skinny ugly? No, it’s not ugly by itself. There are many people who are very small with sweet faces and happy smiles that we adore. Size is not a standard we can judge beauty with.

But I can point out some things that make us ugly. Condemnation – even self-condemnation. Judgement of ourselves and of others. Tiredness because we don’t let ourselves rest. Hatred of ourselves or others. These things make people ugly, often on the outside as well as the inside. It’s all in the lens we look through. My camera can’t see anything beyond it’s lens without my help. It’s limited, and so are we. If we try to see ourselves and others through lenses that allow ourselves to track down any bit of ugliness we can find, we will end up hating something that may not be ugly in truth. Sure, there’s ugliness in the world, but I don’t believe it’s natural. We make choices that encourage it, or allow it to stay rooted in us.

So the next time you see someone whose face or body doesn’t look the way you’d expect a beautiful person to look, stop to consider. Look at their eyes, their smile, their hands, maybe even the small of their back. See if there’s something you can do to make them beautiful in your eyes.

This post is part of a series called Definition. Check out the original post.

Blue Eyes, Smiling at Me

Honestly, this time, I’m going to let the happy customer speak for herself.


“The photos you took are just gorgeous and for the first time I could actually see
what my hubby sees when he looks at me! Wowzah!


The Stagette Photo session was so much fun and all us ladies
would do it again in a heartbeat!


You have such amazing talent Twyla, and every time we admire our photos,
you will be filling us will such self confidence again!
Not many people can claim that!


Thank you for making us all feel so comfortable and sexy in our own skin.”Edmonton-Photographer-Storyboard_0007


Casey was part of a group of ladies that came in for boudoir photos for a stagette party, but her experience was really unique, even life-changing. I hope to continue to blow people away with my work! =)

Tulle, Frills, and Glitter

When one of my people comes in with the perfect ensemble for them, I get really excited. Cecily’s awesome outfits were an incredible part of the process of working with her on the wedding present photos for her fiance. (These photos were taken during her boudoir stagette!) Tulle, glitter, incredible corsets, bows, fishnet stockings, lethal heels… It was an absolute blast, and I really think it all came together into a unique style all her own that I loved. Enjoy!

Edmonton-Photographer-Storyboard_0010 Edmonton-Photographer-Storyboard_0009 Edmonton-Photographer-Storyboard_0008

Smashingly Successful Stagette

Stagettes, when done right, are an absolute smash. I mean, if you get the right food, the right friends, and the right boudoir photographer – you could have the most fun you’ve ever had – and come out with some awesome memories, too. I’ve been shooting lots of these in the summer of 2015, and I am SO pumped to shoot more. Let me know if you’re a bridesmaid or friend planning a night on the town.