CTV News On Your Street – Ben’s Dudoir

When I began doing boudoir and dudoir photography about 5 years ago, it was really special. I was always aware that what I did when I was shooting in this genre meant something to the people I worked with, in a different way than when I was shooting weddings, new babies, and families. All good professional photography


Roses for My Anniversary – Theo’s Dudoir

How’d you like to be married to a perfect gentleman with abs of steel? One lucky lady is married to this fabulous gentleman, and on my suggestion that he bring home some roses which had.. er.. been useful earlier that day, he was totally up for it. This is a great example of a classic


Sexy And I Know It

Every time a gentleman calls me about getting a dudoir session, I get excited! I love it when guys are looking to use dudoir to help them regain self-confidence. Graeme, not his real name of course, had just gone through some really tough times, and wanted to do dudoir in part to help him feel


Punk Dudoir!

Chris is the best kind of client to work with for a lot of reasons – first, he read my entire FAQ, which I worked very hard to write, and then he was very co-operative and fun to work with and even helped me pack up my equipment. He’d also done his homework on “dudoir”


What to Prepare and Wear to Your Session – Dude Edition

Are you looking for The Ladies Version? Okay, after talking with my newest male client, I’ve realized two