Pillow Fight Time!

A few weeks ago I booked a stagette boudoir party on my birthday. On purpose. Because I swear to you, I will never work harder while simultaneously having the time of my life! I’ve shot quite a few stagettes over the past few years, and a good many of them weren’t okay with me using


Tulle, Frills, and Glitter

When one of my people comes in with the perfect ensemble for them, I get really excited. Cecily’s


Smashingly Successful Stagette

Stagettes, when done right, are an absolute smash. I mean, if you get the right food, the right


What Happens at the Bachelorette Party…

I’ve had the pleasure of having collaborated with Butlers in the Buff now three times for stagettes and, and I have to tell you, the raucous laughter in the lobby area while I’m trying to work with my clients can be a little distracting – but it’s SO worthwhile. All the ladies who booked Seven


Planning Your Stagette Boudoir Experience

Money? Final images? Yeah, that’s right. I know what you want. It’s $250 per person without hair and

Stagette Babes!

These ladies were getting sexy back at the bride’s stagette boudoir party – and boy was it a

Boudoir Stagette – No Shirt, but Shoes!!!

These ladies were just FANTASTIC to work with, and they were exactly the kind of girls who make