High-Resolution – Pictures-In Policy


The Seven Deadly Sins “Pictures-In” Policy

All Seven Deadly Sins clients will receive all their best images in High Resolution JPG
printable up to 8×10 by digital download


“Pictures-In” Policy FAQ

After a session with Seven Deadly Sins, do I get my photos on a disc?

No, but you will get them from your own secure personal gallery instead!
I will upload your images to an online gallery that you, and anyone you want to give the password to, can access. It will remain online for three months, but your photos will be kept on file indefinitely.
If you’d like to receive your photos on a USB drive as well or instead, please add $50+GST to your session fee if it’s not already included.

Do I get to choose what photos I like?

Because you are essentially getting ALL the best photos that I took edited in your gallery, this is unnecessary. You can pick which ones you like after!

How many photos do I get?

Each session with Seven Deadly Sins has a range of images, but because I’m picking all the good ones and editing them, you don’t have to worry that you’re missing one. I don’t have a set number of photos I give out or a set number of outfits you can wear, I am essentially selling you a block of time. I can tell you the usual average number of finished images for the amount of time in your session – those are the numbers you see on the Package Pricing.

Are they “high resolution” – are they in a printable size?

Yes. They are a suitable size for printing up to 8×10. If you would like to enlarge photos, please go through SDS.

Can I print them myself?

Yes, but I cannot guarantee the colors or quality of another printer. Printing photos and products through Seven Deadly Sins includes a color-match and archival quality guarantee – your photos will come out perfectly the way I see them when I edit them.

Do I own the rights to the photos?

In the sense this question is usually asked, absolutely, but technically the answer is no. I own the images as my work, but the contract you sign with me grants you a license to print, crop, share, and use the images for personal use, which is all nearly anyone is looking for.

For most people, nothing would ever come up, but just so you know, you can’t sell the images from your session as a stock photograph, for instance, and you cannot submit a “set” of my images to Suicide Girls, you would be breaking the contract, because SG requires you to give them image rights that you wouldn’t own.

Can I upload them to Facebook or anywhere the Internet?

Yes, but the contract you sign requires that you attribute them because I don’t include watermarks. On Facebook for example, each image you post should have a link to sevendeadlysins.ca in the comment section. If you’d prefer that I include discreet watermarks on your web images, please request this. Generally, people are so happy with their images that they tell everyone about me anyway!

How long does it take to get the gallery online?

My editing time is 10-12 weeks, though some sessions are edited earlier. I do occasionally take rush orders for an extra fee if time is of the essence.

Why do you offer high resolution photos when so many other photographers don’t?

For hundreds of years, the model of photographic services was to provide the product of a photograph in physical form, and for many photographers devoted to their art of taking and editing photographs, the only acceptable way to display their artwork is by providing clients with that physical item. As a person of the digital age, I personally prefer my photographs in digital form and have little attachment to physical photo prints personally. As an artist working in digital media, having my work in a lightbox – your computer – is the best reward. Since I know that not all clients are as digitally inclined, I do offer high quality products, most of them unusual, unique, and completely personalized, but my focus is on the photography and editing, rather than just on products.