De-Girlifying The Studio for Dudoir

Most boudoir studios are pretty much 100% geared to the feminine. Men, if you’re reading this, I kid you not, there’s lampshades covered in feathers, pillows covered in lace, and all manner of seriously girly stuff in most boudoir studios. But that does not mean that we can’t make them masculine with a little bit of work on my part.

Whenever I am shooting a session with a man, I go through the studio and de-girlify it. What that means is that I take out the frills and the bows and the lace and the flowers and the feathers, and I make sure there’s a few manly chic decorations around instead. I took some photos of the finished effect of the studio – not before and after – you can see the before version in pretty much every photo on my website, you already know!

The masculine look is plain, but not barren Рtypically with black, white, and grey colour schemes, though I have often added blue, yellow, or maroon colour accents as well. If you have a preference for a more colourful look, or if you like more stark black and white photos, let me know before your session day and I can make the studio space fit our needs.

Couples, if you’re reading this, I would also tend towards a more white-on-white or black-on-black look to the “set” we’ll work on together – and ladies, if you’re not about the frills either, let me know in advance and I can make the studio suit your personality a little more!

Here’s a couple of photos from the Intimate and Modern studios that show you what can be done to take it back to the basics with a little bit of style.

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