Pillow Fight Time!

A few weeks ago I booked a stagette boudoir party on my birthday. On purpose. Because I swear to you, I will never work harder while simultaneously having the time of my life!

I’ve shot quite a few stagettes over the past few years, and a good many of them weren’t okay with me using any of their photos, but I did get special permission to share this riotously fun pillowfight we had.

What’s a stagette boudoir party like?

So if you’re coming as a guest, you have a choice about whether you want to shoot with me. I’ve had a few people who were on the fence do it last minute – you have right until the end before I pack up to do it, but if you’re nervous you’ll have WAY more fun at the party if you let your friends volunteer you to go first! Sometimes the ladies have a hair and makeup artist brought in – I can always recommend someone awesome. When the artists are done with your lovely self, you can come into the room with me, the photographer, and we’ll do a mini-consult with your lingerie or ideas about the session. Then I get started – and you’ll forget you’re in your underwear, guaranteed! Finally, I challenge you to walk out like a boss in your undies – and 99% of the time, you will! (Crazy, right?) You’ll get tons of encouragement from the ladies you’re with, they’re probably just as nervous.

It’s totally an epic fun time. I’ve never had anyone say they didn’t have fun, even ladies who weren’t getting their photos done. It’s a safe space to let out your sexy side and enjoy!

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