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Feathers, Flowers, and Bright Eyes

Cupcake Girl‘s Cousin had some amazing boudoir shots at the Matrix Hotel. This feather-loving girl also chose the Deadly Boudoir package. She had some incredible shots that I really love, with those intense blue eyes and her languid lounging! The three of us girls had a blast together. I was totally in love with some of the amazing props – like the pink feather fans – and lingere. Not only that, but her initial glamour shots also turned out amazing. I’m loving every minute of editing these photos!

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Do you love these boudoir images?  Want boudoir photos done?
This session is an example of the Smokin’ Boudoir package.

Seven Deadly Sins has you covered.
Or maybe not so covered!

Cupcake Love

I had a blast with two awesome ladies at the Matrix Hotel, and they both had some amazingly fun stuff planned!

I do have to do a shout-out to one of my new business partners, Sam from Sam’s Makeup in Edmonton who consulted with this cupcake-lovin’ girl to create her beautiful smokey-eye makeup for our session. If you’re considering boudoir photos with me, add Sam to your day to make your makeup incredible.

Pretty much my favourite quote from the day was, “I’m going to make sweet love to this cupcake right now.” It did look pretty delicious! And when we’re talking about delicious, I should mention that the Food Network was playing in the background the whole time, even though I warned her that my attention would be divided.

The best part about this shoot is that our gorgeous subject said she never likes photos of herself. Lets see how she feels about these!

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Are you thinking about getting some boudoir photos done?
Seven Deadly Sins has you covered. Or maybe not so covered!

Danger Girl

Okay, so this girl had some pretty sweet gear on her for our session together – from a completely custom Motorhead corset to some femme fatale accessories, the first half of this shoot was pretty dangerous – and then we switched gears a bit and made the most dangerous part of the second half of our session getting soap in your eyes. Or maybe falling in the tub! From danger to bubbles in one easy step! It’s always awesome to be able to explore more than one side of a person in their boudoir photos, and this is one of the most interesting combinations yet!

Also, please enjoy the introduction of the new storyboard format from Admire Studios for images on Seven Deadly Sins!
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Thanks to Amanda for bringing her awesome friend in for a fabulous session! Don’t forget that there’s a $25 discount reward for each person who books with me on your recommendations!

Looking into getting your boudoir photos done and want to do something cool?
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What to Prepare and Wear to Your Session

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted to the boudoir side of my business (Fall Family Photos just keep going and going this year!) but I’ve got some information to share to help you prepare for your shoot with Seven Deadly Sins!

What Will the Photographer Bring?
Myself, a key ingredient… A camera and lenses (obviously) and lighting equipment with extension cords. If you don’t have a lot of natural light in your home or bedroom, these will come out! If you feel like your house is pretty dark or any of your spaces are, keep in mind where your plugins are for me. Finally, a selection of very simple, pretty universal props – various kinds of sensuous cloth, fake red rose petals for those who like that look, pearl strings in a few colours, and occasionally other things. I don’t bring outfits, and hair and makeup are not included in session fees.

What Do I Need?

If you have lingerie you like, compile a selection of 1-3 outfits to choose from while we’re working. If you’d prefer to just use sheets/cover-ups and a few simple props, that’s fine too. Cute PJs are great for an innocent look! Pick out a few pairs of your favourite heels if you have a collection, but bare feet are nice as well. OR, Think Theme! Check out Persuasion Boudoir in Hampton Roads, Virginia for some unified ideas – there’s a new post every “Thematic Thursday” to help you check out ideas that could create your look.

IDEAS! If you are getting boudoir photographs done as a gift (even for yourself!), then can you include some aspect of your relationship or your personality in the photos? ]Are there any stories from you and your lover’s history together that you might want to consider? Anything you’ve been told is sexy? Here’s a great site I found for a U.S. photographer who posts theme ideas for shoots. If you are doing this as a gift for a loved one and he cheers for any sports teams that there’s a jersey hanging about for, or if you have a favourite book in common, if there’s any hobby stuff of his that we could use as a prop (model car, gaming controller, etc.), those would be great things to bring! Fur coats are very luxurious if you have one or access to one, and leather coats are an option as well. And if you saw a boudoir photo or two you truly love on your hunt for the right photographer, we can try to recreate something similar for you

How Do I Set Up The House?
Get rid of as much clutter as you can! Clutter even includes neatly kept storage stuff that will possibly appear in the background of your photos – the least distracting view possible is best, so we can make YOU stand out, not your stuff! Typically, we’ll work in the bedroom, the living room. If you want to be a bit more adventurous, you might try something different: the kitchen, the office space, if you have a cool claw-foot tub or jaccuzi/pool in and around your home that’s also an option. Think outside the box for something really unique, and I’ll make suggestions too.

Hope this post has been a helpful journey! Any questions or other ideas can be left in the comments, I’d be happy to speak with you about your ideas any time.