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Red Hot Boudoir

I had an absolutely amazing time laughing with Alison as we worked together to make her boudoir photos shine. It was awesome to work in her nice red bedroom with the black lattice headboard, and she was very good at following my posing directions – and especially a good sport when poses weren’t as comfortable as they look. We had a really good rapport and I appreciated her trust as we worked together. I am looking forward to hearing how the photos go over with her man!

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Ashley’s Outdoor Boudoir

For those of you ladies who aren’t a big fan of showing a lot of skin, but want some lovely pictures, I’d suggest doing something like Ashley did – finding an amazing corset and going from there. I’d also recommend an outdoor session like this one if you’re brave enough or know of a good private space! In this case, one of Ashley’s family has a lovely backyard that they allowed us to work in, and the results are stunning, I think!


Jane’s Boudoir

Jane was a wonderful girl to work with – she had only been married a few days when we worked together, and the session was for her new husband, to be given to him as a gift on their honeymoon. Jane made a great decision in choosing studio rental to add to her package, which gave us a fabulous space to work with – and every time I shoot in that studio I do something just a little different. In Jane’s case, some of the most beautiful photos I took were some nudes of her, standing in a wash of beautiful white light. There’s a few other gorgeous images of her in some sexy red shoes, too. Because Jane has a professional need to maintain the privacy of her images, I was really pleased when she allowed me to add her images to my password protected gallery.

Ladies (and only ladies), if you’re interested in getting some boudoir images done and want to see some more images, I’d highly recommend contacting me for the gallery password – there are nearly forty images in there now, and more coming all the time as I do more private sessions.

Feathers, Flowers, and Bright Eyes

Cupcake Girl‘s Cousin had some amazing boudoir shots at the Matrix Hotel. This feather-loving girl also chose the Deadly Boudoir package. She had some incredible shots that I really love, with those intense blue eyes and her languid lounging! The three of us girls had a blast together. I was totally in love with some of the amazing props – like the pink feather fans – and lingere. Not only that, but her initial glamour shots also turned out amazing. I’m loving every minute of editing these photos!

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